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    For King and Country! Pike & Shotte – new Starter Set

    When you’re used to paying GW prices other systems seem so much cheaper.

    Clash of Empires – Vikings! The Age of Ravens Sourcebook and a bit more…

    A few months back we had an offer posted on the Clubs forum, regarding Clash of Empires (CoE). This is described on Amazon as ‘Tabletop Wargaming Rules for Battles from Deepest Antiquity to the Medieval Era’.

    I enquired into what CoE was really all about via our clubs forum and got told that it was all about historical gaming from all periods of history from Classical


    Had a game a few weeks ago now of Maurice.

    It’s a set of Tabletop Wargamming rules for the time when Gentlemen used to play at war.

    Like Buses…

    Breakfast is finished with, it’s 9:30am (9:36 to be precise) and I’m continuing to locate models that need painting.

    It’s now 12:15 and a lot of work has been done.

    Emails sent, letters written, tidying done and so on, and now here I sit again.

    Packaged up my 95th Rifles to send to Artmaster Studios – very much looking forward to seeing how they’ve painted the other 16 I sent a few weeks back.

    Back, yes back – update on basic stuff, long post.

    I’m currently writing my own set of Wargames rules, currently it’s titled ‘Empire of Sand’.

    It’s been months

    Crumbs, months it’s been since I posted here after my initial flurry of posts.

    Let’s see what’s going on.

    Picked up wargamming again – dropped OU.