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    95th Rifles

    So then, sent off this chaps a few weeks ago… may remember I mentioned that I was having these done in a an earlier post.

    And now I have them back and this is how they look now!

    A marked improvement don’t you think?

    I had these painted by Artmaster Studio after they did a test paint job for me on a Victrix 9dr British Artillery piece around a month ago and I was very happy with that.

    Well now that the first set of Rifles have come back (16 models), the second set of 16 have been posted and have already arrived.

    Like Buses…

    Breakfast is finished with, it’s 9:30am (9:36 to be precise) and I’m continuing to locate models that need painting.

    It’s now 12:15 and a lot of work has been done.

    Emails sent, letters written, tidying done and so on, and now here I sit again.

    Packaged up my 95th Rifles to send to Artmaster Studios – very much looking forward to seeing how they’ve painted the other 16 I sent a few weeks back.

    Back, yes back – update on basic stuff, long post.

    I’m currently writing my own set of Wargames rules, currently it’s titled ‘Empire of Sand’.