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    SAGA Normans – 28mm WIP

    Greetings All,

    Due to severe lack of time and my eyes getting worse (along with hands that no longer remain stable) it’s hard for me to paint anything up to any degree of quality.

    Selling miniatures and all the hassle…well not the hassle but the cost

    Been a good while since I’ve posted anything.

    I’ve been rather busy post work time on my web skills as I’m looking to move my career into that realm.

    Relics – The NEW rulebook, a first glimpse

    So folks what brings me back here during a busy time in my life.

    Well I’m happy to say that today I managed to get my hands onto the new Relics Rulebook.

    As you may be aware if you’ve followed this blog I am a big liker of Relics because it’s quite different in how it’s rules work (which is copied in other games these days) from the ‘To Hit’ rolls also mean to wound and require you to roll pairs, ie with 2 dice you need 1’s on both or 6’s, as long as it’s a pair it doesn’t matter (well almost).

    Starting with Romans – Part I

    Good evening everyone and such apology for being away for such a long time.

    As someone who likes Wargaming I have decided that it was time I picked up an army so that I could play Ancients. So at Triples here in Sheffield I decided that I will do just that.

    Hail Caesar Rule Book

    A number of my fellows have told me that the best set of Rules for this period is Warlord Game’s ‘Hail Caesar’.

    As a liker of their other rules that I have (Black Powder and Pike & Shotte) it didn’t take me long to decide to pick these up.

    So I popped over to the Warlord Games shop and lucky for me, they had a mini-sale on.

    April is Warmachine month


    I started to write a post a few weeks back about arranging my time better, sadly and rather ironically I didn’t finish it, and now it seems moot.

    March is gone, so what have I been doing?


    I should be out but instead I’m at home, writing this of course.

    Now that March has gone (well nearly) it’s time to look at what’s happened.

    First, let’s look at Relics.

    As some of you might remember Tor Gaming ran a KS project called ‘Relics Reinforcements‘ during Jan/Feb, well time is moving on and so I thought I’d pop back to see what they were upto.

    They’ve been busy.

    Good at buying, not so good at building, awful at painting

    Morning Folks,

    Last night I based up 16 more Vikings, some extra models I bought for my SAGA Viking Army.

    I then looked on the painting station I use (it has the cutting board within) and on that station I have:

    • 3 Napoleonic British Line Infantry built an glued to their base.
    • 12 Napoleonic British Hussars, unbuilt and lying in pieces.
    • 8 Brotherhood models for the Westwind Empire of the Dead game.
    • 1 Gentlemens Club (Empire of the Dead) based and half painted.
    • 1 Plastic Gripping Beast Viking.
    • 16 Metal Vikings (Artizan and SAGA).
    • The Witch King on Horseback (unbased).
    • 1 Menoth UA (can’t remember the unit) undercoated and based.
    • 1 Menoth Light Warjack, based.
    • 5 Space Marines unpainted.
    • 1 Imperial Cadian Trooper.

    and finally

    • 1 Space Marine painted in Black Templar colours.

    This doesn’t include the bases (mainly wooden) 30 odd Vallejo paints and some tools.

    What a mess.

    So this lead me to think about do I just enjoy buying the miniatures and have a dream that one day I’ll have them all painted?

    Relics Reinforcements, what’s going on?

    Well Folks, it’s been just over 2 weeks since I made this post here regarding the start of the new Relics Kickstarter Project.

    So after my ramblings earlier on, I thought I’d actually check on the progress and see what else my local War gaming company is upto.

    First the Kickstarter project.

    Vikings in 2013, the SAGA so far….

    Last Thursday whilst in the starting stages of my ‘stomach bug’ I drove (rather than trammed it) down to the club and played 2 games of SAGA.

    Wargaming – the cost of making new games….well the models anyway!

    Morning Folks,

    I’ve been ill for a few days and now I’m really bored of it.

    This morning I was thinking about war gaming again, well re-thinking about a game I wanted to create last year.

    The problem is this.