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    16th Regiment of Dragoons (Light) – 28mm Perry Miniatures

    A spare few moments I have, and so another post I bring.

    This time, my recently painted Perry Miniatures British Cavalry, depicted as the 16th (Queens) Regiment of Light Dragoons.

    A short update….

    Hello all,

    Just a quick update on things.

    Right, blog postings.

    Black Powder – My Plan

    I’m playing Black Powder on the 19th of this month, that’s 9 days.

    Here’s what I require to take:

    To have enough models ready for the 19th July.
    • 3 Battalions of Line Infantry (108 models)
    • 2 Battalions of Highlanders (48 models)
    • 14 Hussars
    • 12 Dragoons
    • 3 Cannons
    • 16 Rifles

    So if we tally them up, that’s a lot o f models, now as at this time, here’s a breakdown of what I have:

    • Line Infantry (26 built – 82 to build)
    • Highlanders (24 built – 24 to build)
    • 1 Cannon (2 to build)
    • 16 Rifles (None)
    • 0 Hussars (14 to build)
    • 0 Dragoons (12 to build)

    That’s quite a short fall I think, and with just 8 days to complete the majority of it!

    Without further ado, here’s the plan.

    Victrix Highlanders

    As the gods are against me going down to Bristol for the weekend, i’ve decided to use the time i’ve ‘gained’ to start to build up the vast number of 28mm Napoleonic miniatures that I need for my upcoming game of Black Powder in a few weeks.

    For that game I’m hoping to provide my own troops rather than borrowing from others.

    My list of models I have are as follows:

    • 5 x Box of Perrys British Line Infantry (200 figures)
    • 2 x Box of Victrix Highlanders (1 Box of Centre Company, 1 Box of Flank Company).
    • 8 Blisters of British Cavalry
    • 2 Blisters of Colonels/Generals.

    So my focus for the moment is to build up some Highlanders, as I need fewer of these than I do the Line Infantry.

    If we open up a box, this is the contents and the amazement of 60 miniatures for