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    More Death Guard….

    I’ve not written about my Horus Heresy Death Guard for a long time, a long long time, but over the last year I’ve been having a number of my models all painted.

    The Best of 2015?

    What a year it’s been.

    The C’thu are coming…

    Greetings all,

    I trust you’ve all had a better xmas holiday break so far than I’ve had. I got a present off my eldest a day early – it was her stomach bug.

    Relics Reinforcements 2 and a new Crowdfunding site…

    Good Morning (and now afternoon) All,

    I should be writing my Sunday Morning blog post on TGC but I thought I’d put this here as it will focus on the one thing, the Relics Reinforcements 2 project that’s happening on a new Crowd-funding website called ‘GamingFunder‘, and yes it’s just for us gamers!

    Death Guard (Loyalist)


    After my post last month (where does time go?), time for a small update.

    So I picked up from FW (at the Open Day 2014) some Scouts, a set of Mark III (Iron) Marines (x2 for 10) (with Phobos bolters and Shoulderpads) and a Death Guard legion Contemptor Dreadnought (plus more for my 40k in 40mins army later in the year) but these are the ones I think I will work on.

    Now going back to the post here, we have 200 points and must pick the following:


    Death Guard (Loyalist) – Kill Team Project

    Good Morning!

    It’s been about time I looked at what team I wanted for the Kill Team Challenge.

    Slaying Gods anyone?

    Morning Folks,

    Some reason I’m up early today so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up-to recently.

    Well so far in February 2014 I’ve played more games than I’ve played in the last 18 months added together I think.

    I’ve played some DUST Tactics and recently a few games of Godslayer.

    So here I’ll speak about Godslayer.


    Godslayer is a Skirmish style wargame that’s seemingly very similar to Warmachine when you first play it, but it’s different in a number of very good ways. It’s a point based game that allows you to field what you want (assuming you have a Warlord, aka your Hero) and a unit of troops.

    They currently provide 6 factions with Starter Boxes. This is great as it means there’s a good amount of choice. Each Starter box contains a unit of troops, a Warlord and a character.

    The 6 factions (with some words about them based on my knowledge):

    • Banebrood – Goat plague bearing large models that hit hard and take punishment.
    • Halodynes – Quick and agile warriors of Greek/Ancients origins
    • Mortans – Romanesque, hard to hit, quick to act.
    • Nordgaard – Norse/Dwarven (not just short folk).

    Plans for 2014 and a new home for MadBeardMan

    So 2014 is here, didn’t take long did it? Doesn’t feel like 2013 lasted 12 months, I know I was going to be busy but wow, didn’t play much Wargaming of RPGing or even my Xbox/PC/PS3, well a bit of the Xbox/PS3 but only when my brain needed to have a rest.

    And Crumbs, I started to write this a few weeks back.

    Anyway I’ll be quick about this.

    Moved hosting I have, gone from the hosting my own WordPress site and worrying about updating stuff, and the various spam and so on, and then I followed TGC ( and seen they have blog hosting. So after an evening transferring stuff and setting up a new theme (as my old theme didn’t like the new WordPress) and here I am!

    So plans for 2014….

    Well I plan on playing more. Yes, more Relics, more WHFB, more Warmachine, SAGA, Black Powder and all, more I say!

    More posts as well, even though I’m super busy still and my own Wargame continues to go forward, more on that next month I think.

    Post wise though?

    Whatever I want. I have a lot to catch up on, so expect a number of posts in the near future…


    Wolsung Steampunk Skrimish Rulebook

    But here’s something I just ordered, from Element Games (btw if you order from them please Quote my referral code, which is COL464).

    The game is Wolsung (a Steampunk Skirmish game). I can remember a KickStarter project about it, I think, but the rules are out now (you can download them if you wish from their site). So I’ve ordered and hope to use the models that I bought for other Steampunk games with it. Hope to get it soon, and when I do I’ll write up a post about it.

    Anyway need to sort the kids out, bedtime in a few for them.

    Oh yes, I’ll be modding this theme, so that the home page shows more from the off, this header is far toooo big and the colours are wrong 🙂


    Fantasy Football – Tor Gaming’s ‘Relics Armistice League’

    Golem“In a world as bleak and barren as Relicia it is somewhat difficult to believe there is any hope for the most dominant warring factions as most of the time they are hell bent on destroying each other in the most imaginatively brutal fashions possible. Yet to my amazement, in the midst of the black vortex of pain and suffering that has become second nature to the quirky inhabitants of Relicia, there seems to be a shining ray of hopeful light…”

    16th Regiment of Dragoons (Light) – 28mm Perry Miniatures

    A spare few moments I have, and so another post I bring.

    This time, my recently painted Perry Miniatures British Cavalry, depicted as the 16th (Queens) Regiment of Light Dragoons.