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    Death Guard (Loyalist)


    After my post last month (where does time go?), time for a small update.

    So I picked up from FW (at the Open Day 2014) some Scouts, a set of Mark III (Iron) Marines (x2 for 10) (with Phobos bolters and Shoulderpads) and a Death Guard legion Contemptor Dreadnought (plus more for my 40k in 40mins army later in the year) but these are the ones I think I will work on.

    Now going back to the post here, we have 200 points and must pick the following:


    Death Guard (Loyalist) – Kill Team Project

    Good Morning!

    It’s been about time I looked at what team I wanted for the Kill Team Challenge.

    16th Regiment of Dragoons (Light) – 28mm Perry Miniatures

    A spare few moments I have, and so another post I bring.

    This time, my recently painted Perry Miniatures British Cavalry, depicted as the 16th (Queens) Regiment of Light Dragoons.

    Cameron Highlanders (79th Regiment of Foot) – 28mm Victrix

    Greetings All,

    I should have posted this a good while ago, but life…anyway onwards.

    Last summer I picked up 2 boxes of Victrix Highlanders.

    It took me a good while to make up 6 bases worth (4 to a base) as I’m not a fan of building plastic figures… at least they’re plastic and not resin as superglue loves me more than the figures I’m building.

    As I’m building a primary Peninsular Army I looked through the history books and I decided to get this unit to be

    Good at buying, not so good at building, awful at painting

    Morning Folks,

    Last night I based up 16 more Vikings, some extra models I bought for my SAGA Viking Army.

    I then looked on the painting station I use (it has the cutting board within) and on that station I have:

    • 3 Napoleonic British Line Infantry built an glued to their base.
    • 12 Napoleonic British Hussars, unbuilt and lying in pieces.
    • 8 Brotherhood models for the Westwind Empire of the Dead game.
    • 1 Gentlemens Club (Empire of the Dead) based and half painted.
    • 1 Plastic Gripping Beast Viking.
    • 16 Metal Vikings (Artizan and SAGA).
    • The Witch King on Horseback (unbased).
    • 1 Menoth UA (can’t remember the unit) undercoated and based.
    • 1 Menoth Light Warjack, based.
    • 5 Space Marines unpainted.
    • 1 Imperial Cadian Trooper.

    and finally

    • 1 Space Marine painted in Black Templar colours.

    This doesn’t include the bases (mainly wooden) 30 odd Vallejo paints and some tools.

    What a mess.

    So this lead me to think about do I just enjoy buying the miniatures and have a dream that one day I’ll have them all painted?

    Models left to build and paint in 2013 – Part 1

    Evening Folks,

    On Tuesday night I started to make a list of all the figures I have still to build let alone paint as I was tempted to buy yet more!

    So let’s see, and this list isn’t complete as I couldn’t get to some of the boxes (smaller boxes though luckily!).

    Pike & Shotte

    Black Powder – all to build and paint

    • 144 Perry British Line Infantry
    • 14 mounted Hussars.
    • 90 Victrix Highlanders

    Black Powder – Other

    • 24 other Perrys metal cavalry to paint

    40K – all to build and paint

    • Space Marine
      • 2 Drop pods
      • Preadator
      • Land Raider
      • Vindicator
      • 2 Rhinos
      • 2 Boxes Death Wing Terminators
      • Terminators
      • Command Squad
      • 3 Boxes of Scouts
      • 2 Land Speeders
      • 1 Attack Bike
      • 2 Dreadnaughts
      • Dark Vengeance Box
      • Battleforce
    • Eldar
      • 2 Boxes of Dire Avengers
      • Guardians
      • 2 Grav Tanks
      • Harlequin Troupe + Death Jester and Shadowseer
      • Farseer and Warlocks
      • Battleforce
      • Shining Spears
      • 2 War Walkers
      • Striking Scorpions
      • Banshees
      • 2 Wraithlord
    • Necrons
      • 2 Boxes Warriors
    • Forge World
      • Horus Heresy
        • 2 Comtemptor Dreads
        • 60 Mark II marines
        • 10 Mark II marines
        • 1 Mark 4 command pack
        • 1 Legion Commander pack
        • 1 Medic pack
        • Eldar Wraithseer

    40K – to paint (all built)

    • Space Marine
      • Approx 40 Marines
      • Approx 20 Scouts
      • 3 Rhinos
      • 5 Terminators
      • 1 Land Speeder
      • 1 Attack Bike
      • 1 Dreadnaught
    • Eldar
      • Approx 130 figures (misc)
      • Guardians
      • 1 Grav Tank
      • 2 War Walkers
      • 1 Wraithlord

    So that will do for the moment, about 50% shown above.

    Coming in Part 2:

    • Relics
    • Vikings
    • The Hobbit
    • Warhammer Fantasy
    • War of the Rings
    • Warmachine
    • Empire of the dead

    and more….

    But I have started to paint my Vikings 🙂




    Vikings in 2013, the SAGA so far….

    Last Thursday whilst in the starting stages of my ‘stomach bug’ I drove (rather than trammed it) down to the club and played 2 games of SAGA.

    Coming soon….

    Right it’s been a while, busy I have been.

    Off tomorrow to Warhammer World, going to pick up my copy of the Forgeworld book The Horus Heresy (so expect a blog posting on that book).

    Prussians! Form ranks! – Part 1

    Greetings All,

    I had to do it.

    Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French

    Greetings All,

    Part 4 already?