Slaying Gods anyone?

Morning Folks,

Some reason I’m up early today so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up-to recently.

Well so far in February 2014 I’ve played more games than I’ve played in the last 18 months added together I think.

I’ve played some DUST Tactics and recently a few games of Godslayer.

So here I’ll speak about Godslayer.


Godslayer is a Skirmish style wargame that’s seemingly very similar to Warmachine when you first play it, but it’s different in a number of very good ways. It’s a point based game that allows you to field what you want (assuming you have a Warlord, aka your Hero) and a unit of troops.

They currently provide 6 factions with Starter Boxes. This is great as it means there’s a good amount of choice. Each Starter box contains a unit of troops, a Warlord and a character.

The 6 factions (with some words about them based on my knowledge):

  • Banebrood – Goat plague bearing large models that hit hard and take punishment.
  • Halodynes – Quick and agile warriors of Greek/Ancients origins
  • Mortans – Romanesque, hard to hit, quick to act.
  • Nordgaard – Norse/Dwarven (not just short folk).