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    Cthuhlu returns, well he’s trying not once, but twice!

    So folks, it’s been busy here… I go away for a few days then I hear that Great Cthulhu wants to take over the world.

    How is he going to take over the world? Well he’s not using legions of cultists (well he could be if I think harder about this), he’s using KickStarter….

    As of today (12th June 2013) there are TWO different projects running.

    Relics – The NEW rulebook, a first glimpse

    So folks what brings me back here during a busy time in my life.

    Well I’m happy to say that today I managed to get my hands onto the new Relics Rulebook.

    As you may be aware if you’ve followed this blog I am a big liker of Relics because it’s quite different in how it’s rules work (which is copied in other games these days) from the ‘To Hit’ rolls also mean to wound and require you to roll pairs, ie with 2 dice you need 1’s on both or 6’s, as long as it’s a pair it doesn’t matter (well almost).