Good at buying, not so good at building, awful at painting

Morning Folks,

Last night I based up 16 more Vikings, some extra models I bought for my SAGA Viking Army.

I then looked on the painting station I use (it has the cutting board within) and on that station I have:

  • 3 Napoleonic British Line Infantry built an glued to their base.
  • 12 Napoleonic British Hussars, unbuilt and lying in pieces.
  • 8 Brotherhood models for the Westwind Empire of the Dead game.
  • 1 Gentlemens Club (Empire of the Dead) based and half painted.
  • 1 Plastic Gripping Beast Viking.
  • 16 Metal Vikings (Artizan and SAGA).
  • The Witch King on Horseback (unbased).
  • 1 Menoth UA (can’t remember the unit) undercoated and based.
  • 1 Menoth Light Warjack, based.
  • 5 Space Marines unpainted.
  • 1 Imperial Cadian Trooper.

and finally

  • 1 Space Marine painted in Black Templar colours.

This doesn’t include the bases (mainly wooden) 30 odd Vallejo paints and some tools.

What a mess.

So this lead me to think about do I just enjoy buying the miniatures and have a dream that one day I’ll have them all painted?