All the paints in the world, well the Warhammer world.

    So it’s that time of the year it seems.

    Games Workshop are making available all of their paints in one large bundle again.

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    1. thats actually a really good deal if i had the money, probably worth it for the shelving system alone

    2. Andy Z

      I’ve got a mix of Vallejo, Citadel, P3 and CDA that covers all of GW’s new release, I call it my mutt mix for all occasions. He is a handy link for paint conversions (I’ve put together a spreadsheet for my own use fromhere to track my purchase of colours)
      Comments for each brand.
      Vallejo have a nice pallet range in a dropper bottle, with Game, model and Panzer (some these are good for 40k stuff) ranges for brush work. Not to forget the model air range which I’m a fan of as I’m using these for airbrush work and they are useable straight from the bottle, building up a nice set of these. Downside is that some paints that have been standing around take ages to shake to mix together.
      IP3 paints, can’t fault them at all and they are readily available in triad ranges, base, layer and highlight which is great for new painters to understand the colour scheme and shading.
      CDA, I’ve got a few of their browns for leather and bought their ‘horse’ set for my Bretonnians, good paints similar in consistency as P3. No complaints with them.
      As with the GW new release, I’ve bought a few to try out, again they are good paints but I’ll not be buying the full set as I’ve enough to keep going.

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