Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 1

    Way back in July I posted a quick blog based on my like of the Maurice ruleset.

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    1. Wargamin…, makes me want to start up Battletech again.

    2. Oh and Orcs in the Hills and Fire Away, Napoleonics but re-envisioned with fantasy races, brilliant mechanics and very tongue in cheek.

    3. Napoleonics is just a period in history when Rifles started to replace muskets and battle tactics such as the square to repel cavalry was used. The colours of the uniforms, the large numbers of infantry in huge columns etc. Not sure you can get that with Orcs. But be interesting wouldn’t it. Pick up the Black Powder rule set and apply that, or better still Maurice has the basic rules that you can use, but it’s also got a campaign system where you can make up your own countries etc.

    4. It took the ‘sharpe’ Napoleonic years and countries involved and assigned them fantasy races, the french were elves, Prussians dwarves, english orcs and irish black (bog) orcs, was skirmish based so no mass armies just 20 – 25 individual units a side, never got into the whole super tiny mass armies thing, if their were more than 50 things for me to shoot at i got a headache.

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