For King Jorje! (A Relics battle-report – 350 points)

    Greetings All,

    This is the first in a new type of blog post that I am writing.

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    1. Darksteed

      Wow. That was an awesome battle report. I hope to see more of them for Relics. Keep up the good work.

      • madbeardman


        Thanks for the kind words. I’m looking for more opponents for my Britanan’s to lose to, I should though have my Neum back from WorthyPainting in the near future so expect Neum vs Orcnar at the very least soon.


    2. Thedeadnerd

      Nice, I really liked this post and you should keep it up. I was wondering wear you made the stone hand and face pieces. I also love the format that you set the battle report up in. Can’t wait for another relic collision.

      • madbeardman


        Thanks for the comment, it’s nice to know the 4 hours spent typing this up was worth it.

        As for the scenery, i’ll ask my opponent as it was his, and then i’ll let you know where to get them from.

        I am badgering TOR Gaming to make some Relics scenery – fingers crossed they do!


    3. Thedeadnerd

      I will help you in that quest to suggest scenery to the wonderful people at Tor, oh and holy crap man that is some dedication, 4 hours. Have you uploaded this to the forums. Might be a good idea.


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