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    For the Emperor! A Dark Vengeance is soon to be upon us.

    It’s been a few months since Games Workshop released Warhammer 40k 6th Edition and from what I can see, a lot of players feel it’s a good improvement upon 5th.

    Going to War, raising a Viking Great Army – Stage 2 (Part 2) building it.


    Been a while since I did a

    Going to War, raising a Viking Great Army – Stage 2 (Part 1) building it.

    Here we go again then, day 2 (was when I started this, it’s now day 6) of the week without kids and now I’m onto the build element of my Viking Great Army.

    In an earlier

    Up and coming blog posts for August (Depending on time!)

    Greetings Folks,

    Right, it’s busy here, the new house extension is underway and i’ve worked enough hours this week to quality for a full working week.

    So my plans for my blog for the rest of the month.

    • Update on my French SYW war army
    • Add a new page for painting services that I’ve used or are currently using list what I’ve used them for, examples of their work, prices and contact details.


    Greetings and welcome,

    This is my new home, my very own domain and hosting.

    I’ve now transferred over all the old posts, but the images are being a pain, so slowly I’m updating the older posts…. bear with me whilst normal service resumes.

    For King and Country! Pike & Shotte – new Starter Set

    When you’re used to paying GW prices other systems seem so much cheaper.

    Going to War, raising a Viking Great Army – Stage 1 planning it.

    Here we go then, I have a week without kids and so apart from the normal working day and the call of the pub in the evenings I have some spare time.

    In an earlier

    Sons of Medusa – Badab Wars Chapter – A new project?

    Greetings again,

    Just as I thought I had enough on my plate I go and post something on a Facebook Group and then get an idea about a new project for the upcoming Warhammer World Doubles Weekend November 17/18th. However my brain wakes up the following day and I notice that it’s a WARHAMMER event NOT Warhammer 40k…. but still…..

    A friend of mine has built a few of the Badab Wars era Chapters and I’ve always been wanting to – just never found one I liked them blammo! Dan suggests the Mantis Warriors and I pull out the Imperial Armour Badab Wars Part II Book turn to page 64 and there they all are, in their lovely colour plate glory, but a further flick and I see the ‘Sons of Medusa’ another great looking Chapter, and a quick review of them and it’s them I choose.

    But as with all non-supported Chapters the lack of official shoulder pads/decals is a pain. Fear not though, a quick look on google and I find that the Bolter and Chainsword forum have a pretty impressive project – they have a series of Decals for a lot of chapters, here is the link.

    So I locate the Sons of Medusa and find two decals, the main issue being that I can only print these in black and not white like they are, I cannot freehand the number I would require, but what I could do is paint a white circle and then put the decal over the top, giving the impression of the white background.

    Here’s the link to the PDF that I think I shall be using.

    Of course to print these decals will require decal paper and an Ink-jet printer, I have neither and the latter is probably expensive to acquire just for a sheet of decals.

    For the Emporer! – 40k Open Day (Blog 2 of 2)

    So where was I, writing a follow up to this blog post….

    Oh yes, my friends eldest and I had just finished our lunch (I had the fat slob double burger thing – quite nice) and so after my hip flask purchase we ambled upstairs into the hall of miniatures.

    Mighty impressive I think and a touch of humour as well in places.

    Once again my lack of ‘I have a camera, let’s take lots of shots’ has caught me out here, but I took some (mainly Black Templar) and my friend took a lot more (see the Eldar Titan), so here goes the pictures in a nice gallery format.

    So what happened next?

    Well it was time to go to the Seminar ’40k – Designing the new rules’.