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    The day after….

    It’s Sunday, I should be doing other stuff, but alas I feel like not.

    Went out yesterday with a good

    An ‘idol’ for my girls when they grow up?

    Recently I found an article on a woman in Linux Format.

    Fallout 3 or OU tonight?

    My better half is working tonight, so once I have got my girls to bed I have the evening to myself.

    Now I should be doing an Open Uni assignment now that I’m finally back working and thinking but after a busy week at work my brain just doesn’t feel like it wants to do maths.

    I am behind on this assignment and have had my tutor contact me asking me what’s going on.

    One of those days….

    Just finishing up work.

    Yes it’s 18:14 (6:14pm for those who don’t understand my mind) and I’ve finished work for the day.

    I work from home 95% of the time, that can be hard when I have to pick up, or drop off the kids at school.

    Current life, well current thinking

    I’m doing an OU (Open University) module at the moment on Java (the programming language – not the coffee bean).

    I’ve been coding for so long nothing surprises me and Java doesn’t.

    Welcome to my world.

    Seems that with their 4 decades of life I’ve lived I have a lot of memories.

    These memories are still sitting in my head so the idea behind this blog is to perhaps immortalise some of them, in a world where data is stored in ‘clouds’ it would seem this data could well live on beyond myself.

    I’m new to this blogging stuff (did have a small blog before on a friends server) and I know very little of wordpress beyond its popularity.

    I own domains, so I could have placed this onto one of them.